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Monday, January 09, 2012

Colorado fashion photographer: Jenny B. at the Rainbow Lodge

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Here's a fashion story I shot on Thursday at the Rainbow Lodge. I've always wanted to do a fashion shoot at a motel, and jumped at the chance when the opportunity arose recently. The model is Jenny Bergweiler, hair and makeup by Pamela at Face/BodyFX, styling by me, extra pair of hands/all-around helpfulness provided by Stephani Brazil, and homemade cookies provided by Angie at the Red Rolling Pin. Many thanks to Erik and Janina at the Rainbow Lodge for having us. Everything came out great!

My little homage to Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fine art photographer in Colorado: Charlotte at 100

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I made these portraits of Charlotte last month on my birthday. At 100 years old, Charlotte is the oldest person I've ever photographed. She was born in 1911. Imagine all that her eyes have seen! Although Charlotte never had children and has outlived all her family, please don't feel sorry for her -- she has lived an amazing life and is very happy to be able to live at home instead of a facility. She has several caretakers who take shifts to look after her, so she is never alone. She also has wonderful neighbors who are always concerned with her well being. One of her caretakers, Judy, is a good friend of mine and always likes to tell me about the funny things Charlotte says.

I had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with Charlotte. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday (she called me a "baby", and I guess from her perspective I am!). I'm so glad I was able to make these portraits of her to commemorate her 100th year.

Charlotte has been an animal lover her entire life. The long driveway to her home is dotted with birdhouses like this one.

My welcoming committee was Tilly, Charlotte's ancient beagle.

At one time Charlotte and her husband had quite a few dogs, thus the enormous great room of the house was divided by a wrought iron fence to keep them contained. I spied Charlotte in a prayerful pose through the bars and quickly snapped off three frames. She's not actually praying (she's watching TV), but I just really liked this moment.

Charlotte spends a lot of time sleeping, so her caretakers pass the time by reading, watching TV and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Some photos of Charlotte as a young lady. She was a flapper! Imagine the fun times she must have had! Did she do the Charleston?

The middle image shows Charlotte celebrating her 100th birthday last August.

With her first husband, Arthur, from a play they were in.

With her second husband, Bob.

On the left, Charlotte is fully engaged with me and my camera. Seconds later she drifts off.

Here we've moved her into a position near a window. She joked that it's okay for me to heavily retouch her portraits.

I think she's beautiful.

Charlotte's caretaker, Judy, helping her out of her chair.

Faithful Tilly. Such a sweet girl.

The long driveway leading away from Charlotte's house.

The sunset as I was leaving Black Forest.


Monday, January 02, 2012

The basics of developing your modeling portfolio

Do you want to be a model? Before you take the plunge and do an elaborate, expensive and time-consuming "fashion shoot" to impress your future agent, it's important to know what any agent is REALLY looking for in a potential model. These five photos (taken this afternoon) are exactly what an agent wants to see when you come knocking on their door. A few things to keep in mind:

1) Don't have your Uncle Bob take them. Just because someone has a "nice" camera doesn't make them a photographer, and more than having a nice frying pan makes you a chef. Hire someone who has a great understanding of posing and light. These photos look simple, but actually took a great deal of expertise to pull off well. Having great, PROFESSIONAL photos increases your chances of getting signed.
2) Keep the wardrobe as simple as possible. Don't go shopping, unless you don't happen to own a decent pair of jeans and a tank top. Remember, this shoot is basically to achieve a great head shot and full length shot. You're not trying to sell any clothes or products here -- the focus should be on you.

3) Don't wear too much makeup. This is the NUMBER ONE thing that aspiring models do wrong when they come to me for this kind of shoot. Just foundation, powder, blush and mascara are all you need. Oh and a little Carmex for your lips!
4) Keep your hair simple and undone. Enough said.

If you would like to book me to shoot your modeling portfolio, give me a holler at 719-321-7990. Happy New Year everyone!

A good photo showing you with a natural smile wearing very little makeup and clean, unstyled hair.

A full length shot that shows off your cute figure, hopefully in form-fitting, uncomplicated clothing. Shorts or even a swimsuit are okay, but don't go for a vampy or sexy look.

A beautiful, tight head shot with natural makeup and hair, and minimal retouching (sorry!), so people can see what you really look like.

And yes, one boring "school portrait" head shot with natural hair and makeup, smiling prettily, is what your agent wants to see! The REAL you without embellishment.