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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome Davian!

[ Colorado Springs baby portraits ]
I'd like to introduce you to Davian, who was born on December 13th, about four months before he was supposed to enter this world. He's a tough little guy! In the last four months he's grown from his birth weight of one and-a-half pounds to almost five pounds! I took these portraits of Davian in the NICU on March 29th, three days before what should have been his due date. You may recognize his parents, Angela and Devon, from the wedding pictures I did of them last May. Obviously this has been a tough journey for them -- having such a premature baby is unbelievably taxing, both physically and emotionally, yet Devon and Angela have shown nothing but strength and unwavering courage. They have spent every spare moment at the hospital by Davian's side from the moment he was born, even sleeping in his room. They have proven to be simply phenomenal parents of a simply phenomenal little boy.

Although Davian at four months is still smaller than a normal newborn, you can see the progress he has made by comparing the outer set of footprints on this card with the inner set. Go Davian go!

Davian is already a man of discerning tastes! (Click on the photo for a larger view.) He's also the apple of everyone's eye in the NICU.

When he resists finishing his bottle, Devon and Angela must resort to feeding Davian through a tube in his nose. They make sure he consumes every ounce! Both of them have become very adept at attending to their tiny son, and medical jargon has become second nature to them.

Love the yawn -- so cute!

A funny little moment between father and son.

Here is an image of Davian that I took on Christmas Eve when he was just 11 days old. You can see how tiny he was. He has made so much progress since then! Very soon he'll be allowed to go home. That's great news!


Angela Williams said...

Thank you so much Tamera for helping us document such a huge journey in our new life as a family. We have loved all of the pics starting 2 years ago with our engagement pictures, to our wedding pictures in May, and now to the pictures of our son and us as a family. We hope to continue to have you as part of our circle for years and years to come.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Brings tears to my eyes....It has been a difficul journey for Angela, Devon and Davian....They have held true faith, love, strength and courage for one another. Thank you for capturing those precious moments.....

Virginia Glorioso
(mom & g-ma)

Fran Cordova said...

Your photos that we have seen of Angela, Devon & now Davian have been so beautiful. These precious moments captured by your wonderful photographic talent will always hold a special place in our hearts. You are so talented and really know how to "capture the moments". Fran & Mike Cordova