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Thursday, January 01, 2009

May your New Year's Resolutions come true in 2009!

And now we come to yet another New Year. 2009! What a number! Gosh, when I was little I thought by now we'd all be getting around with personal jet packs instead of cars, or at the very least we'd be using transporters, Star Trek-style. I guess my imagination got ahead of technology! I'm sure we'll get there some day.

On January 1st of 2008, I made a list of resolutions here on this blog. I'm happy to report that I've managed to actually fulfill a couple of them!
One resolution I completed early on was to do a micro-loan through http://www.kiva.org/. I loaned just a small amount ($25 each) to two different concerns in Samoa and Tanzania, and already most of it has been repaid so I can loan it to another needy individual or group. I cannot recommend Kiva enough -- if you want to do a lot of good in this world for a small amount of money, consider a micro loan. Remember, it's a loan and it gets paid back.

The other 2008 resolution that I accomplished has to do with the photos in this post: I rode a horse for the first time in my life! Pat knew how badly I wanted to fulfill this childhood dream so for Christmas 2007 he gave me a gift certificate to Academy Riding Stables. On October 30th we finally went for our ride and I was so happy. (You can read more about our ride on my other blog, Colorado Springs Daily Photo -- here's the link to that post: http://csdailyphoto.blogspot.com/2008/12/different-perspective.html ) Thank you Pat, I love you!

As for my other resolutions, I did make a little headway in the "simplify" department, reorganizing my home office yet again. There's always more to do in that area though, it's a perpetual uphill battle! And wearing makeup more often, doing yoga or pilates... well, those resolutions will have to carry over to my 2009 list.

I hope your 2009 list includes a small dream that you can fulfill and that you really do follow through with it in the coming year. Life is short, follow your dreams!

Well I'm glad they warned me that I could die riding one of their horses, as if I wasn't already intimidated enough!

Here I am on my trusty steed, CJ. I had this giant grin on my face the entire time.

Pat's saddled up and ready to go, but his horse would rather stand around and have a leisurely sip.

It almost looks as if I know what I'm doing here!


I learned that it's really hard to take pictures on horseback, the horse just moves too much.

For some reason Pat thought it was cute that I wore Chucks and no socks to go riding. He kept taking pictures of my feet.

Of course they put me on their biggest horse. CJ was so tall that I had to stand on this platform to get on and off him.

Here's our tour guide, I think his name was Tim. He was great!

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