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Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Glimpse Ultrasound

I've been too busy to blog! I plan on rectifying that situation RIGHT NOW, so make sure to come back over the next few days and you'll see some new stuff, starting with these images of an ultrasound in progress. The suite next door to mine is the home of First Glimpse Ultrasound, owned and operated by the lovely Shery S. (Let's hear it for women business owners!) First Glimpse specializes in 4-D ultrasounds, which gives you an image of the baby inside the womb doing baby things like moving around, sucking his/her thumb, kicking, etc. It's wild! Shery asked me to do a few promo pictures for her site, www.firstglimpseultrasound.com, and I was pretty darn amazed at what I saw. I sat in on a 20 minute session and snapped away while baby's face appeared on the monitor beside the bed. I must say, I was amazed. You really could see her little face!

I highly recommend this experience for expectant parents, it's wonderful and worth every penny. For more info contact Shery at 719-636-BABY (719-636-2229).

A tighter shot showing baby's face on the monitor. Wow!

Here's the beautiful proprietress of First Glimpse, Shery

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