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Monday, November 24, 2008

Charlotte & Mike

Yesterday I did a photoshoot trade of sorts with my good friend Charlotte -- I took portraits of her and her husband Mike, and then she took portraits of me and Pat. It was so much fun! Charlotte, Mike and their dog Ally posed for my camera at Red Rock Canyon, a favorite spot of theirs and close to their home. Mike was a really great sport about it, considering he doesn't love getting his picture taken so much! And of course Charlotte looks radiant as always, and Ally wins the Miss Photogenic award for cutest dog ever. Charlotte is such a killer photographer, Pat and I were happy to pose for her camera afterward! I'll post those photos later, after I get them from Char.

Hey guys we should do this more often! Tamera

Here's Miss Ally. Is she not adorable?!?

Me and my buddy Charlotte! Photo by Mike. Thanks Mike!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Announcing my new blog!

For those of you that regularly follow my blog, I have a new one for you to read! It's called Colorado Springs Daily Photo and it can be found here: http://csdailyphoto.blogspot.com Basically it's just what the title implies, one photo per day of Colorado Springs. You may have noticed that I sometimes show personal photos here on the Click Photography blog (like the Barney's Diner ones below), but it was actually becoming more and more rare for me to take any personal pics and to show them off. So the new blog gives me a great outlet. I can't always get out every single day to take a photo of my city (as many of you know how busy I am), so the photos in each post aren't necessarily taken on the day of the post. But this does encourage me to take more personal pictures and do it well. Even in the short time I've been doing this, it's been a real boost to my creativity and I hope that will show in my professionally taken photos as well.

Enjoy, and visit often -- it's updated daily!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barney's Diner

On October 10th I went to lunch with my mom at Barney's Diner. I've always wanted to eat there. Barney's is in a tiny building located on the corner of Sierra Madre and Las Animas, and I'm pretty sure it's been there for generations. I am a huge fan of diners and greasy spoon-type restaurants but I didn't know my mom even knew about this place, so I was shocked when she suggested it! It was just like I thought it would be: comfortably worn down, with tasty food, flourescent lighting and a waitress that calls you Hon. There were a lot of very elderly patrons dining there and the waitresses knew all their names, so they must have a lot of regulars at Barney's. I think I'll join them more often.

The menu at Barney's is pretty much what you'd expect it to be. If you're a vegetarian, I don't think this is the place for you! I had the biscuits and gravy. Couldn't finish it.

We found out that Barney's doesn't take credit or debit cards. We had to dig through our purses and the console of my car to come up with enough cash for the meal and tip! Good thing Barney's is cheap!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day In the Life

I belong to an online community of professional photographers called the Digital Wedding Forum (DWF for short). DWF members are photogs all over the world and the professional spectrum -- some are big time, famous photographers and others are bringing home the bacon on a more local scale like me. I get a lot out of the forum: friendship, camaraderie, opinions (lots of them!), technical advice, and most of all, inspiration.

Last year someone on the DWF came up with the brilliant idea of doing a "Day In the Life" photo project; on a specific day, members were to take snapshots of their life and surroundings and submit them to the forum. The photos were then integrated into a fantastic slide show. Of course on the proscribed day I completely forgot to participate, so I missed the boat. Thank goodness the project was repeated on Monday, November 3rd!

A lot of really cool photos were submitted! The only rule was that the photos were not to be "professional" -- they had to be personal images documenting your day on November 3rd. Many thanks to Chris Mann of Tropical Imaging on Turks and Caicos for putting this together! Here's the link to the slideshow -- (look for my three images!): http://www.islandmann.com/shows/dwfnov08/ Enjoy!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ashley says "I don't!"

Ashley says I don't because she's not a real bride! She's actually a high school senior that was nice enough to do a little modeling for me. I met her when she tagged along on her boyfriend's senior portrait shoot a few weeks earlier. I thought she was very striking so I kept her in mind for potential future modeling opportunities. When I needed a model for a senior portrait ad, Ashley was the first person I thought of. Meanwhile, a couple of my photographer friends needed a "bride" for a photo shoot at popular local wedding venue, Shove Chapel, so we killed two birds with one stone: on the same day, Ashley posed for senior portraits and bridals. She was a great model and a good sport too (especially when one of her school acquaintances randomly showed up at Shove Chapel and spied Ashley all dolled up like a bride - imagine the gossip at school the next day!).

It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, and we got some great images. Ashley, thanks for your time and energy. You're a gorgeous girl!

Here are some of the senior portraits we did

And here are some of the bridals


Monday, November 10, 2008

Sue loves Manuel!

I love Indian Summer in Colorado! Here's a happy little wedding that I second shot with my good friend Charlotte Geary. As second photographer I had the luxury of photographing whatever I thought looked good, without having to worry too much about the official portraits. Sue and Manuel's wedding ceremony and reception took place at Hillside Gardens on October 4th, a patented bright and sunny Colorado day. There were tons of really adorable kids there, plus lots of sunshine, flowers and even butterflies! They couldn't have asked for a prettier day to say their vows. Congrats Sue and Manuel, and Charlotte it was fun working with you as always!

Posing for Charlotte's camera. Sue's bridesmaids were her two sisters.

For some reason I am obsessed with this fountain at Hillside Gardens. Every time I shoot a wedding there I have to take a picture of it.

Manuel got a little emotional when his sister read from Khalil Gibran during the ceremony.

Sue's sisters react to the kiss.

This beautiful timepiece was Sue's wedding gift to Manuel.

Manuel and Sue are fantastic dancers!

A meaningful look exchanged during the toast.

This little girl is obviously a budding photography talent!