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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Blog Post...

I haven't blogged any of my personal pictures in such a long time! These images have been accumulating on my hard drive for a few months so I thought I'd share them here. I'll explain them as I go along. Enjoy!

On June 16th my neighbors across the street, Bob and Christina, came home with a brand new golden retriever puppy! His name is Jack and he was a birthday present for their son, Lennox.

Here's Lennox. He just turned four. Isn't he cute? He's getting to be such a big boy!

Here's Lennox's mom, Christina, with the puppy. He fell asleep in her arms.

Just a few pics I took on a hike with Pat on June 22nd. Well, "hike" is kind of a stretch. We were driving up Gold Camp Road and pulled off the road and walked a bit. I don't think you can legitimately call it "hiking" if you're wearing ballet flats and carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Pat calling to the wolf and the eagle, his brethren in the wild. Okay, Pat has a twisted sense of humor.

After our "hike" we dropped by Dave and Janet's house. Dave is the biggest grease monkey I've ever met. These are his hands. If Dave is awake, he's working on cars. Absolutely obsessed. At last count he owned 16 automobiles, dating from the 1940's to the 1960's, including a hearse. Ironically his daily driver is a 1980's Toyota 4x4 pickup with a roll bar and super-obnoxious turquoise flames painted on it. It is soooo obnoxious! I think that's why he likes it so much.

Here he is with the obnoxious truck.

I was at Sam's Club one day with Pat -- I happened to look down as we were walking from our car to the building and this is what I saw. Huh? I think it's a foot from a Bratz doll.

My delicious pot de creme au chocolat at Nosh. Yum!

My friend Steph about to enjoy her dessert... we thought it was so pretty, we had to take a picture of it first!

On July 31st Pat went to the GBH concert in Denver and got these awesome pictures (I didn't get to go -- I'm glad he took these so I could see what a killer show it was).

He also took this cool picture of a totally weird car in queue in front of us at Taco Star. It was covered in pink duct tape! What?

My first camera! I had one of these Fisher Price toy cameras when I was four. It's long gone, but Pat won one for me on E-Bay recently. I love Pat! It's so fun to have my first camera again!

My computer screen with an awesome photo of Duran Duran on it. I am a Durannie to the death!

My pub quiz team, the Loraxes. That's me, Mike Pritchard and Charlotte Geary, who are not only super cool, smart and fierce trivia competitors, they're amazingly talented photographers to boot.

On August 12th I accidentally ruptured a tendon in my left calf (in the act of closing a window no less!). It hurt like CRAZY and for the first two or three days I was doped up on painkillers. I was on crutches with a big splint on my leg for about a week. I'm now back on two legs but still limping and in pain. It was quite an experience being "handicapped" -- and I use that term with all respect for people who truly are physically handicapped, because I'm telling you it has not been easy shopping in gigantic grocery stores, or walking from my parking spot to wherever; even just taking a shower was a major undertaking in that first week. Here's me in one of those motorized carts at King Soopers last week. It's just too huge of a place, the limping would have made it an ordeal trying to shop and very painful to boot. I've always wanted to shop in one of these carts! It really does change your perspective though. This has been a very sobering experience!

I wish I had bothered to take a photo of my leg all bound up in the splint, with the big crutches. This photo was taken as we drove home from the ER. I was totally traumatized and in extreme pain but still felt the need to memorialize the incident with a picture. Ha!

My friend Jeannette (right) turned 40 in June. I played hookey from Click Photography for an afternoon and celebrated with her and Jenn at Harmony Bowl.

Such a flattering picture of me. This is what happens when you start drinking at noon.

Is this what they call beer goggles?

Celebrating Mother's Day with my mom.

On Wednesday I had to go to Kohl's to buy a shirt for Pat, and as I pulled into the parking lot this is the view I got. I couldn't believe other people walking to and from their cars, completely ignoring this awesome sunset! I can't ever not take a picture of a great sunset like this. We hardly ever get 'em here!

Last week the famous New York pop artist/graffito Ron English happened to be in Colorado Springs to install a commissioned piece on the side of a building in the Arts District. How cool is this? It's a composite of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. I think it's beautiful.


Pat said...

This is a message to my brethren in the wild: Pa-caaaw! Pa-caaaaaaaaw!

Brian said...

Awww.. now THAT is what I wish I was doing today! How adorable!

Jacqueline said...

So cute. Looks like mine, only mine's black. :)