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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Family Portrait Special!

Spring is finally here! I'm running a family portrait special through Fathers Day. Book your family portrait sitting by the June 15th and receive a complimentary 11x14" print. Contact me at (719) 321-7990 to schedule your sitting, and please mention discount code 1960704FY-BG when you call.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I heart my cell phone

I always thought it was funny when people take pictures using their cell phones -- I mean, how good can those pictures be? That is, until I finally got a "picture phone" myself. Actually my friend Steph gave me the phone when she got a new one. That's how bad I am! I wouldn't even go out and buy one for myself! Anyway, I found myself snapping away at random things and before you knew it I had a collection of kinda groovy pictures on my phone. I finally decided to do something with them (that's one of my main peeves about digital photography: people snap pictures like crazy and then don't even bother to download them, let alone print them). So here are a few favorite snaps, put together into a little photo collage just for you.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Dedra and Joe tie the knot!

I kicked off wedding season with a bang! This wedding took place in Denver on Saturday, April 19th. Dedra and Joe's big day was perfect in every way -- perfect weather, perfect ceremony, perfect party... I had a blast and I was so happy to see them finally walk down the aisle together! They've been together a few years so this was a highly anticipated event.

I shot the wedding of Dedra's sister Erika a couple of years ago. It was such a nice group of people that I was very excited at the prospect of working with them again. Dedra didn't disappoint -- the same wonderful parents, in-laws and cousins, even the same bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer! The only bummer is that there are no more Zimmerman girls left to get married :o(

Thanks guys for being such great fun to work with, I enjoyed every minute!

Gown: Maggie Sottero
Custom Design Floral
First Plymouth Congregational Church
Terrace Gardens

Dedra had this same happy smile on her face all day

And so did everyone else!

Erika's wedding shoes were Dedra's "something borrowed"

The rather dapper ring bearer, Collin

Some last minute instructions before heading down the aisle

I love those giddy first few moments of married life just after the ceremony!

The official cake-topper portrait. Since Dedra and Joe wed in the same church as Erika and Andrew, I tried very hard not repeat the same pictures.

We found this saffron yellow wall behind a KFC on Broadway!

Dedra and her two sisters, Leah and Erika. They all have the same perfect little noses and twinkly blue eyes. I shot Erika's wedding in September of 2006.

Collin and his sister Emily, the flower girl. I think it's hilarious when little kids bare their teeth to "smile" for the camera.

Dancing with dad

Dedra and Joe opted for pie instead of a big wedding cake. Yum!

Joe's mom Toula is Greek. That's her on the left dancing the traditional hassapiko (correct me if I'm wrong!) with other Greek relatives. That was so cool!

The non-Greeks joined in and did their best!

Here's Erika egging on her husband Andrew on the dance floor. I never realized that Andrew was such a dancin' machine!

I caught the moms, Toula and Kristi, having a moment in a quiet corner at the end of the evening.

Last shot of the night.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

We interrupt our regular programming...

to bring you this: http://www.pangeaday.org/index.php Please check it out. And while you're at it, please have a look at this little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRANExn491U&NR=1 . Powerful stuff.


And while you're at it, please have a look at this little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRANExn491U&NR=1 . Powerful stuff.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

Okay, so it wasn't actually summer and it wasn't actually a vacation. Pat and I went to Las Vegas last month to attend the WPPI trade show, then on to southern California where I did a bunch of shoots on the beach (as you have probably deduced from browsing my previous posts featuring tons of portraits on the beach). I did manage to spend a little time with friends and family, and take a few pictures for fun when I wasn't working. I'll blog the Vegas half today and the CA half tomorrow. Enjoy!

We drove on I-70 for about a zillion miles, much of it in the snow like this. Just past Vail things slowed down to a crawl for over an hour because of a rock slide on the highway. Ultimately it took us over 15 hours to get to Vegas because of bad weather/roads. It's supposed to take only about 10 or 11 but we weren't so lucky.

Just before leaving the house Pat decided he wanted to make a 16mm film of our road trip, so he rigged a tripod contraption on the console between us. Every three miles we'd click off some frames (shooting in single frame mode). We did this all the way to the ocean! Can't wait to see the film -- if it comes out worth a flip I'll post it here.

The awesome and highly evolved stereo system in the Mighty Volvo of Destruction.

Shot out the window while crusing along at 80 mph, this is near the Utah state line.

Ahhh, Vegas. This is what's left of the Frontier Casino on the strip.

What's so great about WPPI is being around so many other photographers! This is me with the wonderful and talented Christine Kufske, who also happens to have a studio called Click Photography. She's located in Toronto. It was nice hanging out with you Chris!

We went to a place called the Neon Boneyard, where all the old Vegas neon signs go when they die. It's a very cool place. Unfortunately you have to make a reservation to get in but we didn't know that, so we resorted to shooting through gaps in the fence and so on. This was at twilight, the light was gorgeous.

This is what's left of the La Concha Hotel and Casino, the front facade of which was a marvel of mid-century modern design. The facade/lobby was saved and now resides at the Neon Boneyard. It's being restored. The Neon Boneyard will soon be turned into a legitimate museum, and La Concha's former lobby will be an integral part of it.

Another twilight view of La Concha

One of the many wedding chapels on the strip. Apparently John Bonjovi and his wife were married here. Chris and I took a bunch of pictures of the exterior, then decided we wanted to shoot a few inside. We were horrified to open the door on a wedding in progress! It was pretty funny actually. The people actually invited us in but we declined. We only caught a glimpse but it looked like they were getting married in jeans and tee shirts! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I guess.

One of my favorite images from the entire trip. Vegas is such a strange place, it's hard to take a bad picture there!

This is in the older part of Vegas, it's called Fremont. I think it's much cooler than the strip.

I think Fremont Street must be where the local hipsters go to party. This happened to be Saint Patrick's day so there was more than the usual quota of drunk people stumbling about, and a lot of police keeping an eye on things.

Fremont Street is so cool! All of the old neon still exists and it hasn't been taken over by the gigantic casinos. This particular picture was really hard to take. The giant red shoe revolves; meanwhile the "stripper" lights up in a specifically timed pattern as does the "Mexican food" sign on the right. I had to shoot a ton of frames to get the right moment when they all looked good at the same time.

Here's your proof I went to Vegas.

The second night Pat and I tried to do some gambling after the trade show. We were miserable failures and lost our money very quickly, but we did have fun walking around the strip and snapping some pics of all the neon. These were taken with my little Canon point and shoot.

The famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign! We went there a couple of times and it was swarming with photographers every time (some of them were pretty unfriendly too). This was taken at rush hour. We got stuck on this median for ten or fifteen minutes because there was not a sufficient enough gap in the traffic for us to cross the street and get back to our car!

This is right near the Las Vegas sign. A pink elephant -- only in Vegas!

On our way out of Vegas Pat wanted to try again to get into the Neon Boneyard. We went to the offices and tried to schmooze our way in, but no go. So we parked on the street outside and stood on the car to shoot over the tall fence. Whatever it takes!

I didn't like the shots I was getting (and standing on top of your car to shoot isn't very comfortable!), but now that I've had a chance to mess around with them in Photoshop I've decided I like a few of them after all. This was the flattest high noon light so they needed a little TLC to be sure! But they came out pretty cool in the end.

I took this one by extending my arm and holding the camera up over the fence, way over my head. The cool framing was just luck.