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Monday, February 25, 2008

I can't blog!!!

I mean, I can blog, but not very well because my computer is on the fritz. I'm reduced to using my laptop until my big PC is back among the living. Unfortunately, the big PC is what I use to edit all my pictures and I really don't have anything saved on this little laptop. I scrounged around a little and found these images that I took on July 4, 2006, in La Junta. I had just bought my first digital SLR and these are some of the first images I took with it. What do you think? (Please be kind! And to clarify, these are NOT some of the first images I've ever taken, just some of the first digital images -- I have been a photographer for many years and only switched from film to digital in 2006.) I'm running a really old version of Photoshop on this laptop and the screen's not calibrated at all, so I have no idea if these pictures even look halfway decent, but I was jonesing to blog something so here you go. Hmmm, I wonder what other pictures are hiding in the hard drive of this laptop?!?

I should have my "real" computer back together again in a couple of days. Until then it'll be slim pickings blog-wise, so enjoy these...



metavida said...

Wow, talk about nostalgia. I used to live in La Junta & went to that theater all the time... back when it was open. At least it makes a nice photo now. Also, where's the wind farm in La Junta?

Tamera said...

Hi Marcos! The wind farm is actually in Lamar. It's quite a ways from La Junta. Pat wanted to film it so we drove the extra miles. Tamera