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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Don't just sit there, do something!

Yesterday was Super Tuesday. For those of you completely disconnected from the democratic process in our country, Super Tuesday is the day when most of the states hold either primaries or caucuses, which go toward selecting a presidential candidate for each party. Colorado is a caucus state. I've never caucused before, so I was excited to participate. (In fact, I was so overeager that I mistakenly showed up an hour early! They made me leave and come back.) Well I found the process to be really interesting, somewhat frustrating and more than a little confusing. We eventually muddled through the confusing part, but as for the frustrating part, first of all I'd say the average age there was about 65-70 and I'm not kidding. I was one of the youngest people there. Only a couple of people in their twenties, a handful of thirty- and forty-somethings, and a whole lot of senior citizens. What the heck?!?!!!! Why are only senior citizens interested in the democratic process? Seeing this was a little maddening for me. Some of the loudest complainers I know are in my age group, yet my age group was barely represented. In fact, in my precinct I was one of only eight people who showed up. Here's the breakdown of my little group: me, one African American woman in her 60's, two Caucasion women in their 60's, two Caucasion women in their 50's, and one Hispanic couple in their 30's. We all voted for the same candidate except for the two 60-something Caucasian women (who by the way had very compelling reasons for voting the way they did -- no judgement here! It was a hard choice!). I noticed that the other precincts were much the same as mine -- a maximum of about a dozen people caucusing. So not a super high turnout in my eyes, though I later read that nationwide it was supposedly a record-breaking number of people turning out for the polls and caucuses.

[On a side note, somehow I managed to get myself elected as a delegate for my precinct -- very exciting! I'm not 100% sure what that entails so I'm doing a little research. I'll update you all on what happens.]

Anyway, my point is, if you want change then it's important to make your voice heard! Don't just sit on your butt and whine about how bad things are in our country. REGISTER TO VOTE, and then get your heinie out there and vote.

Delegate Tamera


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you're going to be a delegate! I wanted to do that, too, but I'll be out of town the 23rd. You'll have to tell me all about it afterward.

I went to my precinct's Democratic caucus on Tuesday, and about 70 of us turned up! Ages ranged from 17-90ish. I thought it was absolutely fascinating to hear people's priorities and reasons for supporting a particular candidate. What a great experience.

In case you're curious, our group voted 80% Obama, 20% Clinton.

Kim J said...

I am proud of you for taking advantage of this opportunity! That's WAY cool.