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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My moment of glory

Thursday was my birthday and I went to lunch with my mom. She brought me this picture of me as a flower girl many years ago.

In the picture I'm six years old and clearly from the expression on my face I'm petrified with fear! I do remember that actually -- the fear and petrification. I was not an outgoing child, this was a bit terrifying for me, everyone was watching!

It was my Aunt Linda's wedding at
Malate Church in Manila, Philippines. I remember the dress was yellow and I was wearing a wig because my real hair was very short. I loved that wig, I played with it for years until I finally realized it was made of real human hair, which for some reason freaked me out and I threw it away! How funny. And what is that giant octopus-shaped thingy on my head?!?

I also recall forgetting to strew the flower petals in the aisle. I was clutching onto that little basket for dear life and my mom had to run halfway up the aisle and remind me. The service was VERRRRRRRY LONNNNNGGGGG and boring (Catholic and in Tagalog to boot). I was bored out of my head, sitting on a wooden bench up there, and I was kicking my heels against it out of sheer boredom. It made a lot of noise, which wasn't appreciated by the grownups.

Notice the lady in the pews at left, just to the right of the wrought iron flower thingy -- she's got a handkerchief on her head. VERY Filipino thing for the ladies to wear their hankie on their head in church! I never did figure out why that is. I just noticed that and it made me smile.

Isn't it funny that I ended up in the wedding industry when I grew up? I guess this early exposure must have stuck in my head or something. I don't remember the photographer from this wedding at all, but I think he did a bang up job of capturing my terror, don't you?


(P.S. I've been a bridesmaid three times too, I'll have to dig some of those pics out if I can find them. The dresses I've had to wear! Yikes!)

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