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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Take 7 opening!

Friday the 2nd was the big night: Take 7's sixth annual "Look Into Our Faces" portrait show opening! So much work went into this. We usually hang the show and have the opening at the Antlers Hilton downtown, but since they put the kibosh on food and alcohol there we decided to have the opening at Lise's studio, InHouse (we are relocating the art to the Antlers on Sunday the 4th, and there it will hang through the end of the year). The party was a huge hit! Much better than last year's alcohol-free sadness. Approximately 200 or more people attended and it was a lot of fun. Lise took care of all the food, I covered the wine and the music (thank you Gene!); Lise's husband Scott worked tirelessly to make sure the space was ready for the party, as did Walt, Patti, J.K., Jason, Lise and Sandra -- and not just hands-on stuff, but administrative and decision-making stuff. The place looked great and the party took off from minute one. I love a chance to dress up and get a little happy, so I had a blast. There were so many great people there. I want to thank all my clients that attended, and my friends and family. It was great seeing all of you! Here are a few snaps from the night (with apologies, these were taken with my new point and shoot Canon and I still haven't figured out how to make it take the best possible picture yet -- will have to read the manual one of these days). Tamera

My friend Marian (right) with her friend Gail

J.K. Schofield (right) of Studios JK, with her son Skyler.

Charlotte Geary and her temporarily gimpy husband Mike.

Walt Palmer's dad Walt Sr., WWII veteran and the life of the party at age 86!

My big brother, Chuck

Lise Hunt -- InHouse Studio, where the party took place, is her studio (great space -- lucky her!)

Jason Mann of Polyscenic Photography

Walt Palmer of Walt Palmer Photography

Guests of J.K. Schofield

My wonderful, handsome boyfriend Pat.

Me in front of one of my photos -- the guy in the picture is my friend Danny, at 3:00am at Denny's on Bijou Street. Everyone seemed to like this picture a lot. Danny, it's all you!

Sandra and her husband Gary.

My brother Chuck, Pat, me and Pat's brother Gene. Exactly one year ago from the moment this picture was taken, we four were on a plane over the Atlantic on our way to England and France for our European adventure.

My best friend Jennifer.

Rhonda Nichols (best florist in town!) and her BFF Stephanie

Jenn's sister Paula. Thank you Jenn and Paula for driving all the way from Denver for this!

Esteemed raku artist (and pub quiz teammate) Mark Wong.

Gene mimicking Danny's pose in the photo.

The Jones brothers with Danny

Much later that night, snug on the couch with a blanky and our little cat Lilo


Wendy said...

Shot by my own camera, I'm happy the picture came out some well. Did we win anything? Is the check in the mail? Ha Ha Ha!!!
-- Danny

Tamera said...

Hey Danny! Thanks for letting me use your picture. (That was a fun night, wasn't it?)

No, you didn't win anything but a large boost to your ego.

Love you,


Stacey Kaylor said...

Hey Tam,

Wished I could have been there looks like it was lots of fun.

Best Wishes,