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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Southern California wildfires

Well here I sit wringing my hands, my heart in my throat. One of my dearest, oldest friends, Janet, lives in San Clemente, CA with her husband Ethan and their adorable five year-old Rachel. These fires are just insane, the footage I'm seeing on the news is making me so anxious! I called Janet on Monday, two days ago and left a message -- she e-mailed me back to let me know that for the moment they were safe. She said the fires were 30 miles away in either direction. Yesterday she e-mailed again with a funny-yet-alarming picture of Rachel wearing a gas mask (above). So everything seemed okay, but as you know, things have been developing exponentially minute by minute and the Santa Ana winds are blowing like CRAZY and whipping up the flames in every direction. Today I clicked on a link to a map that showed the current status of the fires. Little animated flames over the trouble spots. My heart sank when I saw that cute little flame sitting right over the words "San Clemente." I can't get a hold of Janet and Ethan. I'm sure they're okay but I worry anyway! I mean, what are the odds that they'd be somehow in actual contact with the fire? And their beautiful home, oh no! Ethan's mom and brothers also live in the area -- his mom Fritzi lives in San Diego, which by now I'm sure you've heard is like Dante's Inferno in places. Not only that, my friend Sabine's mom lives in Thousand Oaks (don't know the status there) and Sabine's sister lives in Malibu, which is just in flames like crazy or so I've heard.

This is awful. All I can do is sit here and fret. For those of you in California who are dealing with this, my heart is with you! Those of you who are sitting here like me, worrying about your loved ones, I'm right there with you too!


Update, 6:10pm MST -- Janet has e-mailed to let me know they are hanging in there and okay for the moment: "Saw some flames last night but they are further south now... I think we're okay!" Oh, the thought of actually being able to see the flames from their home! That's super scary. I'm just relieved to hear from her.

Update, 1:16AM MST -- I heard from Sabine. Her sister Susanne in Malibu is fine, her house is at the north end of Malibu, away from the worst of it. And Thousand Oaks isn't in any peril, so their mom is okay too. I'm so grateful.

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