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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Trash the dress?

What is it about a bride posing in a body of water or on a pile of dirty tires that's so compelling right now? The trend known as Trash the Dress has become quite a phenomenon of late. My friend Charlotte, who's also a photographer, recently did a TTD session with one of her brides from last year, and that bride wrote a very eloquent explanation of why she wanted to do such a photo session. You can read her great explanation and see Charlotte's wonderful pictures here: http://charlottegeary.livejournal.com/146964.html#cutid1.

Meanwhile, I decided that it would be both fun and cathartic to do a TTD session of my own, just for the heck of it. I didn't have any brides brave enough to try this, so I found a dress at the ARC for $69 and scouted around for a model with no luck. Finally I realized that, duh, my friend Sarah would be the perfect person for the job. Lo and behold, the dress fit as if it was made for her. Much fun was had shopping for accessories and scouting locations, and today we finally did our TTD shoot! FYI I really do dislike the term "trash the dress," to me it's negative and kind of misleading. I prefer to think of it as fashion-oriented bridals. Anyway, the dress doesn't even get trashed so much as it just gets a little dirty (or soggy, whatever the case may be) -- nothing a good dry cleaning won't take care of.

I did the hair and makeup. The hairdo held up for about 20 minutes (I never was much good at that). I also did the flowers. I can now say that I have far more respect for florists than I did in the past! It was really difficult to craft a decent looking bouquet, and even with all my best creative efforts it came out pretty pathetic. And ultimately it just fell apart LOL!

The whole day was a hoot, we had such a great time. There was no anxiety-causing timeline to adhere to, no one cared if the dress got dirty, and we spent all day vogueing! What a blast! I got to be as creative as I wanted. It started off pretty tame, but towards the end Sarah did end up in a body of water. Curiously, the water shots may be cool but they're my least favorite of the day -- but I gotta hand it to Sarah, she plunged right into that freezing pond and splashed around like it was no big deal! So thank you Sarah, let's do it again soon! ;o)

I like this one because at first you don't notice Sarah, then you realize that there she is, lounging on the stairs above you in a wedding dress like she does this every day.

I think this one of Sarah running is my favorite of the day.

The pond belongs to my friend Judy -- it (and the rest of her ranch!) is for sale. For more info see http://click-photography.blogspot.com/2007/08/home-for-sale.html

(P.S. These were just my faves at first glance -- I may post more later.)


Anonymous said...

she looks beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I used Click for my wedding! Beautifulpictures. They are so artsy and fun!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely girl. Great model.