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Monday, April 23, 2007

A spelling bee for grownups

The last time I participated in a spelling bee was in the 7th grade, and apparently I won though I don't remember a lot of hooplah about it (it was on paper, not in front of a big crowd). The Vail Literacy Project hosts a spelling bee every year with teams sponsored by local businesses in the Vail Valley. My friend Jenn participated last year on a team with her coworker Randy. The teams are supposed to have three members, and when their other team member had to cancel this year Jenn and Randy asked me to fill in for him. I've always been a good speller, but then again I rarely venture out of my comfort zone! Jenn e-mailed me a link to a study list that turned out to be 800 pages long, so I did my best to ignore it. On the night of the bee I was so nervous! It's easy to spell a word when you're writing it down, but it's much harder to spell it out loud -- especially when it's 15 letters long and completely alien to you and there are 100 people watching and listening. Gulp! Long story short: the team sponsored by Gallegos Construction had won every year for 12 or 13 years running, only to be conquered by Jenn and Randy's team last year, so we were the defending champions on Friday night and... we WON! It was so cool! When it got down to the two final teams, us and Gallegos, you could hear a pin drop. Randy got the winning word: paduasoy. I don't know what the heck it means, but he spelled it correctly and the crowd roared when the judges nodded their heads! It was so exciting! Some of the words we were up against included: arachnophagous, sacalait, agglomerate, kathak... I don't even know what most of those mean but rest assured, when 10 teams in a row misspelled sacalait and it came to me and I actually got it right -- let's just say that now I will never forget that a sacalait is a fish, like a crappie. (You know, you catch it and fry it up for dinner.) BTW the teams got to collaborate on the spelling of the words, so please don't give me any credit. It took three brains and Randy was the most prepared for this! Jenn studied really hard for it too. I was the only slacker on the team -- without them I would have been a total loser. Anyway, I had a blast and I can't wait for next year. I think I'll actually STUDY for this next time...

Jenn was actually really sick, but not too sick to spell arachnophagous!

The huge irony was that they misspelled my name at a spelling bee. Everyone does that :o(

2007 Spelling Champs! Randy, Jenn and me.

I figure Randy should get all the glory since he spelled the winning word.

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