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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another Snowy Day

It's snowed again today. I'd say we got about four or five inches. I can't believe this nutty weather. We had that soggy blizzard at the end of October, just before we left for Europe, then a few days before Christmas that gigantic newsmaking blizzard, then a week later another blizzard hit, and now today. Whatever! The blizzard in October caused a ton of branches to break off of our trees and our neighbors' trees as well. Pat had a huge cleanup job on his hands. The pictures here aren't from today, they're from December 28th (all of them were taken through the glass of the patio door or the front door). Actually some of that snow hadn't even had time to melt off yet, so now we've got even more snow. I guess it's winter.

Our back yard. That branch is a casualty from the October blizzard. It fell off after Pat had spent hours cleaning up, and he didn't have any energy left so there it still sits! It can wait until spring.

My gardens look so bleak and sad in winter!

This is taken through the front door, looking at my neighbor's house. There wasn't too much snow yet but it really accumulated as the day and night progressed. The city never did come and plow our street. I think they don't know that people live here.

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